We created an interactive map for the Mountains to Sound Greenway 25th Anniversary Trek. If you have a story, point-of-interest or photo for places along the route that you would like to add to to map, please send it to us at jennifer@washingtonhometown.com. Please include the location (Lat/Long), a description and your name and/or organization if you would like credit.
In 2014, we are mapped the forest fires in Kittitas County to help the community understand the impacts. Our maps includee information on the fire perimiter from the National Fire Incident Command (NFIC) and fire detections from the USFS Active Fire Mapping program which uses NAS's Moderate ResolutionImagine Spectrometer (MODIS) to track fire activity. We also added in closure areas and evacuation zones - taken from maps and press releases prepared by the Kittitas County Sheriff, the USFS, and WDNR. We hope for a quiet forest season, but if we get more fires in Kittitas County in 2015, we will once again provide maps.